Our narrative

AUH narrative

With the narrative Throughout life in the best hands we approach hospital care with the human in focus. From the first signs of life in the ultrasound scans, to the fractured arm at junior soccer practise. To the day we have children ourselves, and the day we take our last breath.

On the one hand, Throughout life represents the moments in life where we meet our patients and the responsibility that comes with that relation. That the needs and wellbeing of our patients are at the very core of our existence and that it is through involvement, dialog and discussion that we create a space for the patients that makes hard decisions easier to make.

On the other hand, In the best hands represents a professionalism amongst our employees and the strive to always be at the very forefront of new treatments, research and methodology. It represents a communal spirit where we educate and supports each other as colleagues so that we continuously can push the boundaries and deliver a world class service to our patients.

Strategic ambition

Strategic ambition

At AUH we engage patients with a whole-person approach and with the highest level of professionalism. We offer citizens a cohesive and reputable service throughout life no matter the difficulty of the treatment.

The strategic ambition for AUH can be boiled down to one statement; we want to cover all medical specialities at the highest international level.

The strategic ambition sets the direction for the development of our hospital evolving around the needs of our patients across specialities and disciplines.